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Mad Honey

Honey in general is one of the most challenging health products, mad honey with its medicinal properties and the active ingredient grayanotoxin harvested by the Gurung Tribe in Nepal is a unique experience and tradition since a long time, mad honey is historically found in the Black Sea region of Turkey and Europe as well.

The Gurung Tribe is well known from documentaries to risk their life while harvesting honey from the hives of apis laboriosa, hanging in the cliffs of the Himalayan mountains in Nepal and the result is an outstanding mad honey from bees pollinating in a special type of rhododendron flower with a dark, reddish color, an aromatic profile, a spicy burning sensation in the throat and a bitter after taste, it crystallizes slowly and its medical benefits are helping with low blood pressure, stomach disease, diabetes. Its also known to improve sexual performance, its said to have anti bacterial, anti cancer, anti viral and anti fungal capabilities as well as powering the immune system, enhancing athletic performance, reducing throat irritation and cough and it is rich in anti oxidants.

Nepal's national flower is rhododendron and the gigantic apis laboriosa extract the nectar for mad honey from the pink red flowers, the honey hunters used sticks to mash the honey through a bamboo filter into a large pot. If you swallow 1 dose of mad honey you could probably feel a tingling sensation, a cooling down body starting from your head, the effect is also described as mellow, blissful and as a kind of focus experience.

Don't confuse mad honey with regular honey and if you consume more than 1 tea spoon you are at risk of mad honey poisoning. Keep it out of the reach of children and take care that it is clearly labelled as mad honey. Mad Honey should be used in the recommended dosage only. If you experience any symptoms connected with mad honey poisoning you should immediately seek medical care.