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Deli Bal

Flowers of Rhododendron are well known around the world, only a few types of rhododendron plants like ponticum and luteum are used to make mad honey common in the Black Sea region of Turkey, Europe, Nepal and Asia. 

According to literature are known more than 720 kind of rhododendron plants, but just a few include higher levels of grayanotoxins in their nectar says a doctor from Karadeniz University in Trabzon, Turkey.

In Turkey, Europe and parts of Asia rhododendrons grow in mountainous areas like Kackar Mountains, as well as nearby the Black Sea and when bees pollinate in these nectars the result can be Deli Bal, Magic Bees with a low and high concentration of grayanotoxins or essentially pure and potent. 

Mad Honey is well know as a kind of medicine in Turkey and especially in the Black Sea's honey production region, its used to fight hypertension, stomach issues, diabetes and to enhance sexual performance. Scientific reports talk about anti bacterial and even anti cancer capabilities.

Traditionally, the honey is consumed in tea spoons, before breakfast and it should not get confused with normal honey. Beekeepers love the incentive and respect the value of this specialty given from customers.  

Jason, a travel enthusiast from Europe went to taste mad honey, deli bal in Trabzon and the Black Sea and learned a lot about the long history, the honey was even used as a weapon to confuse invading armies.

In 67 B.C. roman armies came to the Black Sea region and were tricked with mad honey by King Mithridates and driven by the effects of mad honey, many soldiers became the victim of Mithridates.

Turkey's trading habits of the 18th Century and the rich production history of mad honey is responsible for the existence in the present day.

While traveling Trabzon's mountains Jason found a shop selling mad honey, many other types of honey and gear for beekeepers.

The shopkeeper called deli bal also rose of forest honey or komar bali and Jason has been warned not to over consume it - after a teaspoon the honey found the way to his head and gave him the pleasure of a light headed feeling.

The honey can be potent and shop keepers don't really like to sell it to strangers. Locals know how to consume mad honey responsibly and they can distinguish very well mad honey from other honeys, because it causes a spicy burning sensation and thus the origin of the referral as bitter honey. Mad honey is self - regulated in Turkey and easy enough to purchase.

Jason a researcher of honey is delighted with mad honey and fascinated to analyze its properties. Semi potent honey is the best option and its possible to recognize a numbing effect if your drop it over the tongue.

Essentially pure deli bal should be taken with respect and if you eat more than one tea spoon of honey with grayanotoxins it can be poisoning and should you feel symptoms paralleled with mad honey poisoning you should enjoy medical care very soon.

Deli Bal is attracting a growing number of first time customers willing to try this remarkable, mysterious tradition.